Australian Handcrafted Barbecues


Australia handcrafted Barbecues

Made in Melbourne Victoria.

If you are looking to buy an Offset Smoker Barbecue that is handcrafted in Australia you’ve come to the right place!

At SC SMOKERS we spent years building and testing prototypes, to be able to present you with the  SC512 Offset Smoker Barbecue

The SC512 Offset Smoker Barbecue is our flagship family barbecue.

All of our barbecues barbecues are very versatile, you can grill, roast, cook direct on wood-charcoal or indirect in the true low & slow style.

Now you can have an Australian handcrafted barbecue that you can give to the grandchildren!

All our barbecues are built for competition, commercial or just for your back yard.

SC512C Offset Smoker Barbecue SC512 Smoker ,The SC512S Smoker     SC660 Offset Smoker Barbecue

If none of these suit we can custom make you your own smoker barbecue (a.k.a. The Bespoke Smoker or Besmoker) to fit the space you have. We are able to build any size barbecue that suits any space to cook just about anything,

Check out our SC1000 commercial and even Australias Biggest barbecue the SC1100 “The Iron Maiden” weighing in at 4056kgs.

Give us a call, we’re SC Smokers, I’m Andy and you can reach me on  0407 886 661.

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